News about Mahler Research 74 (2021)

Reinhold Kubik: ‘We Both Ultimately Want to Serve the Same Great Cause’. The International Gustav Mahler Society and the Publishing House Bote & Bock

Majid Motavasseli: Sediments of Compositional Elements of the Baroque in the Works of Gustav Mahler. Concerning the Artisanal Influence of the Viennese Basso Continuo Tradition

Christian Glanz: Contested Vienna – Mahler versus Lueger

New Literature

  • Christian Utz: Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, Klingender Zeitgeist. Mahlers „Vierte Symphonie“ und ihre Interpretation um die Jahrtausendwende
  • Peter Revers: Nineteenth-Century Music Review, Essays in Honour of Stephen E. Hefling
  • Renate Stark-Voit: Ralf Eisinger, Klaus Pringsheim aus Tokyo. Zur Geschichte eines musikalischen Kulturtransfers
  • Angelo Pinto: Carlo Serra, Come suono di natura. Metafisica della melodia nella Prima Sinfonia di Gustav Mahler

Newly Discovered Materials

  • Andreas Michalek: The Archives of the Publishing House B. Schott’s Söhne
  • Renate Stark-Voit: The Program to the First Performance of the Fourth Symphony in Munich, Thought to Be Lost