Assessment and Publication

If the editor and Research Board classify a submitted manuscript as generally suitable for publication in the Mahler Dimensions, the peer review process will be initiated. Quality assurance is guaranteed by a double-blind peer review with independent reviewers. As a rule, the assessment takes a maximum of six months. The reviewers are selected by the series editors and the Research Board (unless the series editors or board members are themselves represented as volume editors or authors) and are required to follow the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

The series editors decide on the publication of the submitted manuscript, taking into account the reviews obtained; the reviews are made available to the authors or volume editors in anonymous form. If the reviews recommend a revision of the article, the editors can request the authors or volume editors to make a corresponding revision. In this case, a final decision on the publication of the manuscript is only possible after a revised version of the text has been submitted. As a rule, the revised text version is no longer presented to the reviewers. Only the series editors decide on publication. Their decision is final.

If a publication proposal is accepted, authors or volume editors may be asked to make further corrections to the content and form and to arrange all texts in accordance with the current formatting rules. Before publication, the associated metadata must be updated. Each published contribution receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and is registered in various indices (e.g. RILM, DOAJ, CrossRef, Google Scholar, etc.). Approximately six months after publication, the publication will be long-term archived in PDF/A format in the Phaidra repository at the University of Vienna.