Preliminaries of a Publication

By publishing a text as part of the Mahler Dimensions, all authors of a volume declare their consent to the following procedures:

(1) At the time of submission, the submitted article must not be available for review by any other series or publisher and must not have been published in the submitted form.

(2) The submitted article may not be submitted to any other series or publisher for publication or review during the Mahler Dimensions review process, provided that this peer review process does not last longer than six months. Uploading the contribution to an Open Access repository (e.g. on a preprint server), however, is expressly permitted with reference to the submission to Mahler Dimensions. In this case, the editors request informal notification.

(3) If their contribution is included in the Mahler Dimensions, all included authors undertake to set up this contribution completely in accordance with the current formatting rules.

(4) A submitted article must comply with the international principles of good scientific practice, as summarized by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The text must not contain:

  • deliberate misrepresentations, falsified or manipulated data or information;
  • plagiarism or self-plagiarism (text recycling of one’s own texts or text fragments; quoted sections of text that have already been published – also in other languages – must be clearly marked as such);
  • copyright violations.

(5) All included authors assure that, if necessary, they will obtain the rights to use text, image, audio, and video sources themselves. All sources available online must be provided with exact and correct hyperlinks (if possible with permalinks).

(6) After the editors and authors or volume editors have agreed on the publication of the contributions and a final version of the text, both sides undertake to initiate publication as soon as possible. After the contributions have been accepted by the editors of the Mahler Dimensions series and the Hollitzer publishing house, the authors guarantee the right to first publication. The editor and publisher only have the one-time, non-exclusive right to exploit the contributions. The authors retain all further exploitation rights over their contributions.

(7) If their contributions are included, the included authors agree to their open access publication under a CC-BY 4.0 International License.