News about Mahler Research 72 (2018)

Jörg Rothkamm: ‘A husband and wife who are both composers’? An unpublished song version of the so-called ‘Erntelied’ (‘Gesang am Morgen’) in the hand of Gustav Mahler in light of the correspondence between Alma Mahler and Walter Gropius

Manfred Abel: Alfredo Casella and Gustav Mahler

New Literature

  • Silja Haller: Alexander Odefey (ed.), Gustav Mahler und die Spiritualität
  • Thomas Peattie: Seth Monahan, Mahler’s Symphonic Sonatas
  • Bruno Walter – Leben, Wesen, Musiker

David Matthews: Donald Mitchell, 1925–2017

Der Abschied, facsimile

‘Is there one here who knows I’m right? Let him appear before our sight!’