News about Mahler Research 65 (2013)

Toblach Mahler Talks 2011: Mahler – Contemporary of the Future

  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Gustav Mahler – “Contemporary of the Future”. An Introduction
  • Anna Ficarella: The Revision of the Score in Mahler. The Quest for a Perfect ‘Sound Editing’
  • Fabio Nieder: Gustav Mahler in “Meyers Konzertführer” 1938 and Today – Have the Dark Times Really Passed?

Ákos Windhager: The Friends of “Pan”: The “Pan” Symphonies of Gustav Mahler and Ödön Mihalovich

New Literature

  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Claudius Böhm (ed.), Mahler in Leipzig
  • Markus Vorzellner: Arnold Jacobshagen (ed.), Gustav Mahler und die musikalische Moderne
  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Carl Niekerk, Reading Mahler. German Culture and Jewish Identity in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Eveline Nikkels, Mahler en Freud. Een wandeling in Leiden
  • David A. Rahbee, Direct Influence of Musical Ideas on the Symphonies of Gustav Mahler: How Mahler’s activity as a conductor influenced his Sixth and Seventh Symphonies