News about Mahler Research 62 (2011)

Toblach Mahler Talks 2009: „Mahler as Arranger“

  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Completing, Instrumenting, Adapting, Retouching – Gustav Mahler as Arranger
  • Norbert Bolin: Mahler’s Bach
  • Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen: Mahler and Beethoven
  • Roberto Paternostro: Mahler’s Arrangements – Examined from a Conductor’s Perspective

Toblach Mahler Talks 2010: “ Gustav Mahler’s Wunderhorn Songs”

  • Renate Stark-Voit: Des Knaben Wunderhorn – A Search for the Literary Roots and Insights into Mahler’s Imagery
  • Elisabeth Schmierer: Mahler’s Concept of Humor and Its Use in the Wunderhorn Lieder
  • Stefan Hanheide: Mahler’s “Soldier Songs”

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