News about Mahler Research 58 (2009)

Toblach Mahler Talks 2007

  • Rainer Boss: Gustav Mahler and Jazz? Improvisations on a “Contrapuntal” Theme
  • Franz Krieger: And Where’s the Jazz? A Stylistic Search for Evidence in Uri Caine’s Mahler Interpretations
  • Luca Bragalini: “Swinging Gustav”: Connections between Mahler and Jazz
  • Florian Weber: “Die vernichtende Idee”—My Rapprochement to Mahler in Jazz

The Gustav Mahler Music Weeks Toblach 2008. 100 Years “Das Lied von der Erde”

Silja Haller: “The Wanderer on the Highest Heights”—Anton Webern’s Relationship to Gustav Mahler

Henry-Louis de La Grange: The Sixth Symphony: The Order of Movements

Stephen McClatchie: An Addendum to “The Mahler Family Letters / ‘Liebste Justi’: Briefe an die Familie”

Recent Literature


The “Founder of the New Symphony”—On Hans Rott’s 150th Birthday. A Symposium in Vienna (2 and 3 October 2008)

Gustav Mahler Composition Prize Klagenfurt/Viktring 2008