News about Mahler Research 52 (2005)

Rainer Bischof: On the Anniversary of the International Gustav Mahler Society

Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Fifty Years of the International Gustav Mahler Society in Facts, Figures, and Pictures

Herta Blaukopf: When Mahler’s Time Had Not Yet Come

Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary

“Prelude”. Symposium and Concert on Mahler’s Grand Piano

Unveiling of a Commemorative Plaque at the Sanatorium Loew

A Double Anniversary in Toblach

Mahleriana – Vom Werden einer Ikone

Concert of the Philharmonia Schrammeln in the Jewish Museum Vienna

Four Gold Medals in the Anniversary Year

Helmut Brenner: Bern[h]ard Mahler’s Estate

Renata Pisková: The Estate Protocols of Bern[h]ard Mahler

Oskar Pausch: Alfred Roller to Mileva. Addenda to the Picture of Gustav Mahler

Friedrich Danielis: On My Exhibition “Mahlereien”

In memoriam Herta Blaukopf

Recent Literature

Colorado MahlerFest XVIII, Boulder, Colorado 12–17 January 2005

Remembering Guido Adler

Mahler’s Fifth in an Unconventional Sound

Alma Zsolnay – 75th Birthday