News about Mahler Research 51 (2004/2005)

Toblach Mahler Talks 2004

  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch and Josef Lanz: The First “Toblach Mahler Talks”
  • Peter Ruzicka: Thoughts on the Current Reception of Mahler
  • Erich Wolfgang Partsch: “What Nature Tells Me”. On Gustav Mahler’s Understanding of Nature
  • Margarete Wagner: “Chinesische Flöte” versus “Lied von der Erde”. On Different Forms of Text Adaptation
  • Hartmut Krones: Secret Messages in Gustav Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde”
  • Peter Revers: Bethge Settings in the Early 20th Century
  • Cornelis van Zwol: A Facsimile Edition of Mahler’s “Der Abschied”

Herta Blaukopf: Make Two Out of Three and Three Out of Two! The Order of the Inner Movements in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony


Viennese Input at the 24th “Gustav Mahler Music Weeks” in Toblach

Gustav Mahler and the Gürzenich Orchestra: One Hundred Years of the Fifth Symphony 1904–2004. Exhibition 2004

A Gustav Mahler Commemorative Site for Hamburg? 

A Project Report by Franz Willnauer

Recent Literature