News about Mahler Research 50 (2004)

Thomas Hampson: For the “Mahler Nachrichten” …

Erich Wolfgang Partsch: On the 50th Edition of the “News”

Herta Blaukopf: “Downright Unmusically Well Written”. 

Mahler’s Style of Letter-Writing and a Forgotten Operaby Johann Strauss

Renate Stark-Voit: The Autograph Timpani Parts to the Second Symphony

Reinhold Kubik: The Bruck Collection: Mahler and the Marcus Family. A Noteworthy Addition to the Archive

Katharina Ulbrich, Mathilde Kubizek and Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Mahler in Bad Hall. 

A Documentation

Edward Randolph Reilly (1929–2004)

Recent Literature: Hans Wollschläger, Perceptive Passion

Colorado Mahlerfest XVII

First Memorial Plaque for Hans Rott

Redlich Villa in Urgent Peril


Addendum to “Mahler Among the Soldiers”