News about Mahler Research 47 (2002)

Friedrich Buchmayr / Jörg Rothkamm: Unknown Sketches to Mahler’s Second Symphony from the Estate of the Theologian Johannes Hollsteiner

Frans Bouwman: Gustav Mahler’s Unfinished Tenth Symphony: The Need for Transcriptions of All Autographs

  • Introduction
  • The Continued Interest in the Tenth
  • The Fortunes of the Manuscript
  • Ambiguities in the Manuscript Material
  • Correcting Three Editions
  • The Need for a Transcription of all Autographs
  • The Steps for Transcriptions of the Prospective Edition
  • Conclusion

Reinhold Kubik: Report of the Chief Editor of the Complete Critical Edition
A. The Years 1992–2002
B. Work in Progress
C. Preview of the Coming Decade

Hannes Heher: On the Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Karl Heinz Füssl

Herta Blaukopf: Rondom de Aarde: Concerts and a Symposium in the Netherlands on Das Lied von der Erde

Josef Lanz: Gustav Mahler Musikwochen in Toblach: Summary and Look Ahead

Cornelis van Zwol: The 22nd Gustav Mahler Wochen in Toblach: 13 July to 7 August 2002

Rainer Boss: “Opposite poles of the new magnetic axis”: On the presentation of the Strauss-Mahler Exhibit in Toblach

Paul-Günther Schulte: Gustav Mahler in Krefeld 1902–2002

Morten Solvik: “Mahler and his World” Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, 9–11 and 16–18 August and Lincoln Center, New York City, 26 October 2002

Recent Literature

Herta Blaukopf: Mahler’s Afterlife in the Republic of Austria 1918–1988: From Anti-Semitically Motivated Hostility to Global Acceptance


Reinhold Kubik: First Performance of the Fifth Symphony According to the New Critical Edition: “A Pioneering Achievement for Mahler Performance Practice”