News about Mahler Research 44 (2001)

Inge Birkin-Feichtinger: “Yes, Mahler is quite an outstanding artist and conductor” Ödön von Mihalovich’s Impression of Mahler Reflected in Letters to Mathilde Wesendonck in the Years 1889 to 1897

Henry A. Lea: Tchaikovsky and Mahler: A Study in Musical Affinity

Erich Wolfgang Partsch: Mozart, Schubert, Mahler & Co. in the “House of Music”

Recent Literature

  • Herta Blaukopf: Mahler’s Lieder: An Exemplary Musical Handbook by Peter Revers
  • Herta Blaukopf: The Other Fruit from the Same Tree: A Book on the Composer and Friend of Mahler, Hans Rott
  • Reinhold Kubik: Gustav Mahler 2000 & Jihlava: The Publications
  • Herta Blaukopf: An Article on Mahler’s Sketches
  • Reinhold Kubik: Die drei Pintos

Beethoven Festival with Mahler Retouchings in Washington

Pierre Velik: Impressions from Maiernigg

Lectures and Events

Hartmut Krones: Gustav Mahler in Laibach (Ljubljana)