News about Mahler Research 43 (2000)

Paul Conway: The Influence of Gustav Mahler on the Symphonies of Egon Wellesz

Hartmut Krones: Gustav Mahler – Arnold Schoenberg – Egon Wellesz: On the Development of Harmony in the Early 20th Century

Erich Wolfgang Partsch: “He was alone and against his time from the very beginning...“  On Egon Wellesz’s Perception of Mahle

Appendix: Mahler Publications by Wellesz

Andrea Harrandt: “There is a huge amount being done here for Mahler!“ Egon Wellesz in Correspondence with Erwin Ratz

Wolfgang Czeipek: Mahler Activities in Klagenfurt

Knut Eckhardt: “Egon Wellesz: Composer – Byzantine Scholar – Musicologist.“ An Exhibit in the Aula of the Austrian Academy of Sciences from 30 March to 5 May 2000

Recent Literature

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Reinhold Kubik: Gustav Mahler 2000 & Jihlava