Relaunch of the Website of the International Gustav Mahler Society

On April 27, 2023, after a development phase of more than two years, the fundamentally renewed website of the International Gustav Mahler Society was published in a new, attractive design.

The demanding project was made possible by the generous support of the IGMS advisory board member Torsten Haferlach. The realization was carried out by the Munich web agency datamints according to the design and TYPO 3 implementation by Robert Wildling. The basis for the extensive member and catalog databases is the many years of work of the former IGMS advisory board member Frank Fanning, who was awarded the Golden Mahler Medal in 2022 for his services to the Society.

A wealth of new content has been added to the features known from the Society’s old website. On the one hand, the website documents the Society’s current research projects, such as the creation of a scholarly catalogue of Mahler’s works (GMW – Gustav Mahler Works), work on the extensive Mahler online repository, and the digitization of the archive as part of funding from the Digital Cultural Heritage program (Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport). On the other hand, detailed information is available about the IGMS’s long-established publication series, the New Critical Complete Edition of Mahler’s works and the News about Mahler Research. In addition, the website offers original contributions such as CD reviews and (future) free essays on current Mahler-related issues.

Active members of the Society have the option of downloading all issues of the News about Mahler Research as PDF/A files. All issues can be purchased in print or PDF/A format by non-members. In addition, the website provides information about activities in the world of Mahler research and interpretation, such as symposia, festivals and lectures. It is also possible to subscribe to the IGMG’s e-mail newsletter, which will appear regularly from now on, via the website. Web administrator is executive board member and secretary Christian Utz, he is supported by executive board member Thomas Glaser.

In the first few weeks after the relaunch, isolated technical problems may arise due to the complex conversion processes. We ask for your understanding in advance and also for the fact that not all content is fully available in both languages at the time of the relaunch. This applies in particular to our extensive library and archive catalogue, which will be successively created and expanded over the coming months and should then be fully available by summer 2024 as part of the digitization project.

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