All of the Society’s original musical sources published online

Further digitized holdings were made accessible

Further progress is being made within the digitization project, which runs until August 2024: The extensive inventory of musical sources from the International Gustav Mahler Society (IGMS) is now fully accessible via the online catalog. There is a total of 53 sources, almost all of which contain Mahler’s original entries or corrections, including the engraver’s copy and brush proof of the Sixth Symphony, orchestral parts, and song editions, with a total number of over 10,000 pages. Numerous other holdings have also already been digitized, such as score editions annotated by Erwin Ratz and other former editors, program booklets, and further program books, correspondence, drawings, photos and other documents. After a careful legal review, some of these holdings will probably also be made available in open access. The current employees in the project are Julia Lenart and Dimitrios Katharopoulos.